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Feeling the Fear – one week to go ?>

Feeling the Fear – one week to go

Just a week before my triathlon and I’m starting to get nervous. Things haven’t really been going to plan. Nothing disastrous, but I’m not feeling as well prepared as I’d like. After my trip to Spain I was aiming to get a good bit more training in the following 2 weeks before taking it easier in the week running up to the race. But my body was telling me otherwise. I felt tired after the holiday and a hectic week…

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Venturing into open water ?>

Venturing into open water

At the end of April I finally managed to swim 400m (the super-sprint triathlon distance) non stop in the pool. But my triathlon event is at Eton Dorney and the swim takes place in the olympic rowing lake – quite a different prospect. With the weather approaching something that looked almost like Summer, I decided it was time to get outside and have a go at swimming in open water. I’m very fortunate that there are plenty of open water…

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Falling in love with swimming ?>

Falling in love with swimming

When it comes to triathlon it’s the swimming that’s intimidating for a beginner. Especially if, like me, you’ve never progressed beyond slow breast stroke with your face kept well out of the water. I love swimming in the sea – provided it’s warm, sunny and clear. Think Australia, the Med, Malaysia. Swimming pools bring back horrible memories of freezing cold school lessons and nasty changing rooms with unknown substances lurking in the corners. But I got myself down to my…

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