All about the Bike ?>

All about the Bike

I’d been planning to leave the cycling part of my triathlon training until the warmer weather kicked it, but with running out of the question for a while at least, in February I decided to get on my bike.

Except I didn’t actually have a bike – and hadn’t ridden one since I was in my 20s (a very long time ago…….).

My idea of cycling was to sit and watch the Tour de France during my afternoon coffee break.

But that wasn’t going to get me round the triathlon so off I went to my local cycling shop and sorted myself out a set of wheels.


I started out with a couple of gentle circuits in the local park before tentatively making my way home on the quietest streets I could find. It didn’t take me long to get used to the bike but I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy riding in traffic (or the Manchester potholes).

Luckily we have some excellent cycle tracks nearby so I’m able to get out and about for practice rides with only dogs, toddlers and walkers with headphones on to worry about. I’ve discovered early Sunday morning rides are best – nobody else about and I can feel virtuous for the rest of the day.

I’m not loving the cycling nearly as much as swimming, but I know that this section will be key to getting round the triathlon in a respectable time. It is usually the longest phase of triathlon time-wise and the course for my event is 20km (luckily it’s flat!). So I really need to get my fitness and speeds up.

Now the weather is better and the evenings are lighter it will be easier to fit in practice rides. Plus we’ve booked a holiday in Girona, Spain next month in the heart of cycling country, so no excuses.

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